What is it

It is a cloud self-service platform enabling you to develop applications based on Internet of Things and Big Data. YUCCA allows you to:

• interconnect applications, social networks, systems and distributed objects;
• collect data and information, by processing and analysing them to develop end-to-end solutions

What you can do with the platform


ico publisher

To create and manage Stream, Smart Objects and Dataset to publish new data.

Manage your deviceRecord sensors, gateways and smart objects on the platform to be able to manage and update them and to use the monitoring tools available via the User Portal management console.

Publish data and streamPublish accurate data and data streams and make them available to the Ecosystem's users
Use connectors to integrate to integrate and publish your data on the Big Data Storage
Monitor the data usage and published stream via the User Portal's dashboards


ico developer

Compose and re-elaborate the existing streams to create new streams

Organize the platform Refine, enrich integrate and correlate real-time events and data with the engine rules and with complex event processing.

Manage and process your data Organise your environment to ensure you an independent data management and visibility. Share and check in a selective and secure way your data and streams.


ico subscriber

Use the available platform data within their application services

Subscribe your application to data and stream

  • Search and Subscribe to the available APIs in the Store to access the public / private data available in the Big Data Storage
  • Subscribe to the available real-time stream on the Store in order to receive, in push, the feed provided by the platform
  • Develop end-to-end applications using the data available in the Big Data Storage via API or stream or using the stream events offered by the platform.